Arctic Change 2017

The Arctic Change 2017 Conference will be in Quebec City this year between December 11-15.

Myself, along with Kaitlin Breton-Honeyman, PhD (Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board) and Vicki Sahanatien, PhD (Nunavut Wildlife Management Board) will be co-chairing a special session (EDPOL02) on Honouring the spirit and intent of land claims co-management in the Canadian North.

Deadline: September 22nd, 2017.  To submit an abstract and for further information visit

There are 26 comprehensive land claims agreements in Canada that describe processes for the co-management of lands, wildlife, plants, and fisheries in Indigenous territories.  Co-management regimes cover the Canadian Arctic and form the foundation of wildlife management in all four regions of Inuit Nunangat.  This session provides an opportunity to explore the state and evolution of these co-management structures, and to contemplate the benefits of conceptualizing Wildlife Management Boards as decision making networks that can contribute to Arctic change adaptation, and further self-determination of and reconciliation with Indigenous communities.

The session invites abstracts from researchers, policy makers, and co-management practitioners with either a collaborative research approach or direct experience with Wildlife Management Boards, to present critical perspectives on co-management successes, how the Boards perform in times of stress and adaptation, and how co-management processes may be enhanced.

In recognition that wildlife and fish cross jurisdictional boundaries and that Arctic regions struggle with similar socio-ecological issues, we invite forward looking analyses. We are interested to learn what network examples exist and how we might build on them to create opportunities for enhanced collaboration and actions to inspire policy change resulting from co-management recommendations and decisions in the Arctic.

For any additional questions on this special session feel free to email
the session co-chairs.

We look forward to your submissions.

Session Co-Chairs and Contacts:

Jamie Snook, MA
Executive Director
Torngat Wildlife, Plants and Fisheries Secretariat

Kaitlin Breton-Honeyman, PhD
Director of Wildlife Management
Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board

Vicki Sahanatien, PhD
Director of Wildlife Management
Nunavut Wildlife Management Board


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